• Dog Wendell: Who's that?
  • Evil Queen: She was the step mother who poisoned Snow White with the apple, all those years ago. She was once the most powerful woman in all the nine kingdoms, and this was but one of her five castles.
  • Dog Wendell: What happened to her?
  • Evil Queen: When she was finally caught, they heated a pair of iron slippers over red, hot coals, and made her dance at Snow White's wedding. She crawled out into the snow, dragging her raw, blistered, useless feet into a swamp nearby. This broken woman was once the fairest of them all. But she kept her magic mirrors and searched for a successor, and that, of course, was me.
  • Dog Wendell: ...
  • Evil Queen: I will finish her work and destroy the House of White forever! And pity the fool who tries to stand up to me!